We Have Cash in the Bank

We fund each of our Capital Pool Companies with over $1M – why settle for a CPC which only promises funding later

We're In This With You

Our Directors invest over $200k of thier own money into each of our CPCs – we are very motivated to complete the best deals possible

This is All We Do

Ask yourself who you’d rather partner with – the group who creates CPCs as a hobby or the one whose only focus is to complete great deals

We Don't Just Pretend to be Experts

We’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all. Really. The team and advisors we’ve pulled together are the elites of the industry. See for yourself

We Do What Others Can't

We have skills other CPCs don’t. We guide you, advise you and advocate for you throughout the entire process of becoming public

We Stick With You After You're Public

Other CPCs walk away after closing – stranding the company to figure out what to do. We stick around to ensure a smooth transition



Tyler Lang

President & Director

Tyler brings over 20 years of small & mid cap deal experience as well as an extremely broad deal flow network. During his career, Tyler has completed $500+ million of transactions and currently heads up Investment Banking at WD Capital Markets.


Robert Munro

CEO & CFO, Director

Robert has been involved with CPCs for over 15 years. He has founded, personally invested in and quarterbacked 9 CPCs, all of which successfully completed their Qualifying Transactions. Due to his full-time focus on CPCs, Robert has a close, endorsed relationship with the TMX Group.


Paul Dinelle


Paul brings over 20 years experience in financial services and was Co-founder and EVP of First Asset ETFs, where he oversaw all aspects of the businesses. First Asset was successfully sold to CI Financial in 2015. More recently, Paul founded Blindspot and LivingWealth, both innovators within wealth management


Our investors are some of the industry’s most active deal flow experts

Barry GordonFormer President and CEO, First Asset Capital Corp.
Kevin FoleyFormer Managing Director, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets
Matt GaasenbeekFormer President, Canaccord Genuity
Philip ArmstrongFormer CEO, Jovian Capital Corporation; former President & CEO, Altamira Investment Services Inc.
Roger DentFormer Vice Chairman, Yorkton Securities; former Managing Director, CIBC World Markets
Wade DaweChairman & CEO, Numus Financial; Owner, Brigus Capital
Richard GoldsteinPresident, First Republic Capital; Former EVP Standard Securities
Anthony DurkaczExecutive Vice President, First Republic Capital
Perry DellelceManaging Partner, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP
Mark WayneInvestment Advisor, IA Securities
Chris SkillenFormer CEO, Cymat Technologies; Former CEO Telepanel Systems
Sam SternReal Estate Investor, has syndicated over $1 billion in transactions
John PerkinsPresident, Strategy Capital Barbados
Artur AgivaevManaging Director, WD Capital Markets


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CPC Overview

When used properly by seasoned experts, the Capital Pool Company structure is an extremely effective process for helping private companies transition to the public markets; typically raising larger amounts of capital at higher valuations than could have otherwise been achieved via private equity.

Learn more about the process by reading the TSX Venture Exchange’s CPC Manual.